Empower yourself or your child by improving your English Literacy with Go Learn

AAA Tutoring offers a comprehensive, interactive, outcomes based online English programme, from Grade R to Grade 12, based on the Learner’s level of competence.

In conjunction with GoLearn (UK) we offer a comprehensive AI-based, online self-study English Language & Literacy Learning programme which includes:

  • An embedded initial assessment, instantly measuring the learner's Reading, Writing, Listening & Grammar skills.
  • Personalized lesson plans, linked to quarterly schemes of work to be completed, allowing a learner to work at their own pace.
  • Weekly review and tutor assistance, including a 25 minute one on one session with the assigned tutor.
  • An ongoing Assessment programme with progress reports that enables learner's, tutors and parents to track and monitor student performance in real-time. available for the learner, tutor and parent.
  • Learner's can work at their own pace, and can join at anytime of the year - no fixed timetable!!
  • An assigned Tutor to assist a student who will be using the Go Learn Platform.

The Go Learn programme is ideal for homeschooling students, children or adults that want to improve their English Literacy!

Sign up today for a 12-month subscription and you will receive a free tablet.

Your first payment will be R2850 (including VAT), and then thereafter R950 per month for a further 9-months.


Literacy is the foundation for improving all learning outcomes.

Secure literacy skills:

  • Are the driver for sustainable development.
  • Enable greater participation in the labour market.
    Improve student confidence, communication and aspiration.
  • Are proven to improve child and family health and nutrition. Reduce poverty and expand life opportunities/
  • Improving a child’s deeper literacy skills in the subjects they study means they can use those skills, when called for, in any environment.
  • It opens up a world of opportunities.
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