“The Team at AAA Tutoring Africa will continue to strive to provide high quality, flexible, relevant and comprehensive online education, tutoring and skills development programmes at affordable prices in Africa.”

Lyndsay Henderson – MD

Our Passion

Our vision is rooted in our name, AAA Tutoring which means; Achieving | Aspiring | Attaining.

At AAA Tutoring we take great pride in the results our learners attain through the tutoring provided by our qualified and pre-selected Tutors. We have also learned that a good fit between Tutor and Learner is vital . Therefore, we are selective about who we work with, as should you also be.

Our passion is “Influencing Lives through Learning” by taking an active interest in the young people we work with, supporting their academic and skills growth whilst also helping them to advance as a person.

Our current society is rapidly changing, and we subscribe to the principle that the education needs will also continue to change and need to focus on flex appeal, hence we do not just offer Government Curricula subjects, but also courses which will excite Learners and help develope skills for both work and leisure.

Awakening curiosity by not having to “stick with the conventional plan” i.e. go to school, get a degree, etc – but rather follow and enhance a Learners passion, encourage entrepreneurship, and possibly find the genius that lies within them!

Where it all began

Many successful businesses started in a garage....

however we started on the patio

(our external office).

Where will education be in 2030?

What will education of the future be like ......?

We do know that it will need to be packed full of more personalized learning experiences.

Our Vision

To offer a high standard of flexible online learning solutions, education and training courses, exceeding expectations, whereby ensuring that the AAA Tutoring Academy is recognised as one of the “prime or preferred provider” of online tutoring, training, and skills development in Africa.

Influencing Lives through Learning

Our Values

  • Client Satisfaction,
  • Professional Integrity,
  • Passion,
  • Innovation,
  • Accountability,
  • Trust,
  • Relevance.



Meet Our Management Team

Our Management Team is passionate about Influencing Lives through Learning

Team Member - Management

Charlise Elske

Director Marketing and Content
Fiona Philip Director of Studies and Finance

Fiona Philip

Director of Studies and Finance
Team Member - Management

Lyndsay Henderson

Managing Director and HR
Team Member - Management

Gerald Geoff Elske

Director, Technical and Strategic Planning
Team Member - Management

Jamie Savage

Graphic Design and Marketing

Meet Our Tutoring Team

Our Tutoring Team - Passionate about Influencing Lives through Learning!
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