Why our Learners love the AAA Tutoring Experience?

The AAA Tutoring learner’s experience is one of simplicity, flexibility and engagement. All a learner requires is a reliable internet connection, and a device – PC, laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone.

Online tutoring is the most convenient alternative to “traditional at home tutoring” because it allows you to obtain tutoring anywhere in South Africa, or anywhere in the world.

Engaging a tutor is an excellent solution to our current large classroom sizes, different learning styles, static curricula and learners needing more individual attention. Through the one-on-one sessions, a tutor can assess where a learner needs reinforcement of certain material and can use personalized teaching methods to effectively fill in these gaps in knowledge.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

AAA-Tutoring provides a simple but effective online tutoring and learning experience

We have a programme and tutor for you!

No matter your level of study, we will find an online tutor for you.

No matter your level of study, AAA Tutoring will find an online tutor for youOur online tutoring programmes are suited for pre-primary, primary, high school and adults who want to realise their maximum academic & life skills potential.

We conduct a free online assessment (learning style) before the actual programme begins. Coupled with this, our matched Tutor will in the first lesson, discuss and review the learner’s academic performance, needs, and will propose a suggested learning plan.

Our online tutoring is ideal for learners who:

  • Want to Improve their marks and develop their confidence in a subject.
  • Need to Prepare for Exams.
  • Prefer one-on-one personalized learner attention.
  • Enjoy learning in the comfort of their home and convenience.
  • Have special learning needs.
  • Need tailor made learning specific to the individual’s learning style
  • Want to learn or master a new life skill or hobby.

Cutting Edge Technology

AAA Tutoring has adopted the latest cutting edge technologies.

AAA Tutoring has adopted the latest cutting edge technologies to help learners achieve their educational goals and life skills like never before.Our cutting-edge technology ensures that:

  • There is no delay between tutor and learner, so it really feels like they are in the same room.
  • A simple to use tutoring platform is provided, which allows for engaging and highly effective online tutoring sessions.
  • Both tutor and learner can talk, sketch and share resources in real-time, across devices.
  • Every session is recorded and stored, and each session is fully searchable.
  • Each session is transcribed in real-time using AI, which means they are instantly available for search and playback as soon as the session ends.
  • A learner can search and play back everything they have covered in their tutoring sessions: from spoken words to shared resources, through the Smart Search functionality.
  • A learner can review any session / lesson anytime – across all of their sessions to find the exact millisecond they were discussing whatever it is they want to revisit.

How does it all work?

  1. Select the programme or subject for which you require a Tutor.
  2. Click on the “Buy this Course” – and complete the order and make payment.
  3. Complete the relevant Learner Assessment and provide us with your preferred dates and times for tutoring sessions. (A link will be provided in your Course/Programme confirmation email).
  1. Our Learner Advisory Team will review your assessment and match you up with the correct Tutor.
  2. Confirmation and introduction to your AAA Tutor will be communicated to you via email or WhatsApp.
  1. In the first lesson, a Learner / Tutor introduction will take place.
  2. Assessment feedback and further needs analysis will be conducted to establish problem areas and to propose / set learning goals.
  3. Tutoring will then begin immediately!

We are with you every step of the way to ensure the best possible tutoring experience, which will include periodic lesson reviews, polls, and lesson assessments by the Learner Advisory Team.

Continual assessment of the learner’s academic gaps and progress takes place, and the tutor will if need be, adapt the attainable learning plan, and will strive to assist the learner to reach their maximum learning potential.

A learner of 13 years old and younger may not transact on our website,

Online Safety

  • A learner of 13 years old and younger may not transact on our website, and an adult or guardian should be present when such a learner is online with one of our Tutors.
  • Our Tutors may only engage with a learner or parent / guardian via the AAA Tutoring Online Technology (a link for your classroom will be provided to you via email). We do not allow our tutor’s to contact learners / parents / guardians directly via phone, email, whatsapp, social media or any other channel. If there is a need to discuss any matters related to AAA Tutoring and our services, then we request that you contact us via email: info@aaa-tutoring.co.za, WhatsApp or Phone: 0814482003 (8:30am to 7pm).

Find a course or tutor for you!

No matter your level of study, we have an online course and tutor for you!

Our online tutoring programmes are suited for pre-primary, primary, high school and adults who want to realise their maximum academic & life skills potential!

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