Why you can trust our AAA Tutoring Team

At AAA Tutoring we take great pride in the results our learners attain through the tutoring provided by our Qualified and Pre-selected Tutors.

Experience has shown us that a good fit between Tutor and Learner is vital, therefore, we are selective about who we have on our Tutoring Team. Likewise, our Learner Advisor team, through our Assessment process, will also help match the Tutor based on the Learners strengths and weaknesses as well as by taking into account learning styles, problem areas, curriculum and personality.

How we select our Tutors

Why Tutors Join our Team

AAA-Tutoring Tutors

For Tutors that feel that they qualify, and have a passion for a particular subject or specialised knowledge in a certain field or hobby, and want to Influence Lives Through Learning, then they are invited to apply to join our dynamic team of online educators by clicking on the link below which provides the criteria and information required in order to apply successfully. 

Please note that we levy an administration application fee of R250.

Current Tutors

Before completing the Application Process

Before completing the application process, and in order to make your experience smooth and enjoyable, please take note of the following:

1. You will be required to complete all fields.

2. You will need to upload the following documents (PDF, MS Word or Images – jpg, png). Please save these files – using your name and type of document, using a hyphen between each word – e.g. joe-blogs-ID. ( File size should not be larger than 10MB)

Proof of ID – ID card, ID Booklet, Passport.
– Your latest abridged Curriculum Vitae
Proof of Qualifications – as stipulated by you. (File size is increased – maximum 100MB)
– Professional Profile Photo – 300px by 300px. This image will be used on the website – selling “your brand”
Prepare a Tutor Profile – this is what will convince learners to select you as their Tutor. (You can refer to our website and view the Tutors – to see Tutor Profiles).

3. Prepare a concise / succinct motivation of why you would like to be a tutor with AAA Tutoring.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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