Alexandra Cowley Early Years Consultant and Curriculum Developer

Alexandra Cowley

Early Years Consultant | Curriculum Developer

Early Years Consultant and Curriculum Developer


I have a Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Psychology and Social Anthropology, a Montessori Pre-Primary Teacher’s Diploma, and a Post-graduate Diploma in Special Needs Education.

I have worked with children in education for more than 20 years, and my teaching career has included working with children ranging between the ages of 3 to 12 years, some of whom had special educational needs, as well as mainstream children, and ESL speakers.

I was the Head of the Early Years Department at British National Curriculum schools in Kuwait for 6 years.
My educational background and varied experience in pedagogy, teaching within and running an Early Years Department, has given me the tools necessary to be able to develop and devise an Early Years Curriculum that will help guide your teachers in their instruction, as well as offer the best educational foundation possible to your students.

Young Learners and School Readiness

More than ever, parents are turning towards alternative methods of educating their children. Making use of online platforms that are aimed at providing tuition and educational support services is just one of the many options available to parents and is something that will increasingly be sought after by parents.

With an increase in demand for quality online tuition, there is an increase in service providers. Therefore, to stand out above the multitude of options, it is essential that one’s own platform always aims to provide an outstanding product – great teachers/tutors, a user-friendly and stimulating site, excellent support network and quality content.

Parents and students, when subscribing to an online learning platform should have equal exposure to great teaching and quality content. This can only be provided when teachers are provided with a well-researched, age-appropriate and thorough curriculum, supported with appropriate (online) resources, which the teacher can then use to create individual lesson plans that are appropriate to her/his students.

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