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Andrea Powell

Online Tutor | Counselling | Life Skills | English Literacy

Andrea Powell is an Online Tutor at AAA Tutoring – Africa

Hello, my name is Andrea your Online Tutor (my students call me “Andy”!) and I am a qualified counsellor, school counsellor and a TEFL trained English teacher with 20+ years of experience in journalism.

My passion is helping young learners become their best possible selves either as their Online Tutor or teacher,  by helping them to improve their English competency, or by supporting them with their emotional challenges and the daily stresses of being human in this crazy, but beautiful world.

For the past 13 years I have been a weekly volunteer at the Shine Literacy Centre (, teaching English to Grade 2-4 children, whose home language is Xhosa, Zulu or Shona. I am the school counsellor at Prestwich Primary School in Cape Town, where I mentor local and foreign children (Grades 1-7), helping them develop resilience and emotional well-being, as well as assisting them with their English fluency.

I also have vast experience working for non-profit organisations (in the communities of Ocean View and Masiphumelele in Cape Town), mentoring children and teenagers in Life Skills and equipping them with social and emotional skills to help them thrive in life. Due to Covid-19, I am now conducting many of these mentorship programmes online (via Zoom), so I am really comfortable relating to and teaching children digitally, as well as in-person.

Sharing my knowledge and experience by being an Online Tutor allows me to teach around the world.

From 2006 – 2010, I managed the Camps Bay Adult Literacy Centre in Cape Town, where I taught adults who were illiterate due to South Africa’s Apartheid policies, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in English. I am deeply moved and motivated when teaching my students and find it incredibly rewarding to witness the utter joy on their faces when they read, write or grasp an English word or phrase for the first time. For me, it is such a huge privilege to be a part of this magical process.

Online Tutoring English and Literacy
Online Tutoring English and Literacy

I would describe myself as positive, humorous, compassionate and very patient, with a highly professional work ethic. My English teaching style and techniques are creative, fun and inspiring and I use interactive activities such as flash cards, elicitation, controlled and freer practises, and games, among many others. I also make use of a wide variety of internet resources, such as clips, music, graphics, as well as various “relia” in my classes, helping to keep learners engaged and continuously growing and learning.

My one-to-one Counselling and Life Skills sessions cover many important topics, ranging from dealing with “uncomfortable” feelings such as anxiety and anger, to bullying, social media challenges and self-esteem/resilience building. I find it easy to build a rapport and connect with my clients, forming a deep and trusting counselling relationship, where inner growth and transformation takes place. I provide them with a safe and confidential space to feel heard and process what is going on in their lives and I give valuable feedback to parents or caregivers on how their child is developing and learning the coping skills I teach as an Online Tutor or in a class.

Personal Interests

I am passionate about nature and I try to visit the ocean as often as possible – to walk on the beach, swim, surf (yes, I’m a long-boarder!) or soak up an exquisite sunrise or sunset. I don’t go anywhere without my camera and I have travelled to 45+ countries (and counting!) and there are many more on my bucket list! I adore meeting people from around the world – and listening to their life stories and experiences is a highlight for me. Personal growth, adventure, hiking, family, friends, connection, community development, art, reading and movies are just some of the many other things that fulfill me.

I would love to be your (or your child’s) Online Tutor, equipping you with conversational skills and English language competency or the EQ skills that are vitally needed to face this challenging and ever-changing world.

I am looking forward to becoming your Online Tutor soon!

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