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Anita Jacobsz

Online Tutor | English | Afrikaans | Mathematics

Anita Jacobsz is an Online Tutor at AAA Tutoring – Africa

My name is Anita Jacobsz and I would like to share an experience that meant a lot to me at the time.  We were having a family and friends lunch and had the opportunity to share with each other what it is in your life that you wanted to become and how it worked out.

My answer was that I always wanted to become a teacher and that is what I was still doing.  I then realized what a privilege it is to be in the career that you love.

Online Tutor English
Online Tutor English | Afrikaans | Mathematics

Well, after many years of doing what I love and also having the opportunity to teach abroad in the UAE which was an awesome experience, I have reached the age of having to retire.

I decided to do the TEFL course to equip myself to be able to teach online as an Online Tutor if necessary.  After retirement I continued with tutoring and extra classes and realized that I absolutely loved the one to one experience.  I was more hands on with the academic needs of the children and am thoroughly enjoying myself.

So the fact is, I have not retired as such, only re-tyred and good to go for the next stage of my teaching experience and career.

I look forward to becoming your Online Tutor soon.

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