Fiona Philip Director of Studies and Finance

Fiona Philip

Director of Studies and Finance

Director of Studies and Finance

As the Director of Studies and Finance at AAA Tutoring – Africa, I will be in direct contact with both students and parents (or guardians) to make sure that the communication between the tutors | teachers with their students runs smoothly in the day-to-day management.

So, what does this mean? Well, after you finish your chosen assessment I will be in contact with the appropriate tutor | teacher for your placement and will make sure that your schedule for tutoring co-insides with the selected tutor | teacher.

I will monitor and review all assessment, marking or feedback to make sure that both student and tutor | teacher are happy and that your time with us is a positive experience.

I passionately believe that a “human” touch is both needed and required in today’s social media and tech world.

Our team are dedicated, professionals that strive to make a difference in Educating individuals.

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