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James Redman is an Online Tutor at AAA Tutoring – Africa

Hi! My name is James Redman and I am 23 years old.

I have spent most of my life living in South Africa where I completed my schooling and tertiary education. I studied at the university of Cape Town where I obtained a bachelor’s degree. I triple majored in English Literature, Film theory and film production. I am on the cusp of completing honors degree in film theory and practice with a focus on narrative screenwriting. In a month’s time I will have completed my honors degree in film theory and practice with a
focus on narrative screenwriting

Before I embarked on my university career, I spent one year working as an assistant teacher, sports coach and boarder master at a school in Winchester called The Pilgrim’s School. It was through this experience that my passion for education was ignited.

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1. I have always had a passion for the English language and its literature, and academically, this has also been a strength of mine throughout my schooling and university career.

2. Increasingly, I have had one year’s worth of practical experience in the education sector and I believe that this benefitted me tremendously. I studied and learnt from the educators around me at the school and took on extra responsibilities whenever I could. I also learnt a lot from working with the students, both in the classroom and on the sports field.

3. I have both an undergraduate degree and a 300hr level 5 TEFL diploma to my name. My TEFL diploma enables me to teach all levels, from beginners to advanced business English students, and my study of English literature provides further avenues of exploration for more advanced students.

4. I value dynamic and interactive lessons that are student focused and driven by the aims and needs of the learner in order to achieve a desired goal. I encourage the use of authentic materials and endeavor to provide learners with the necessary tools for using the English language to their benefit, whether it be in an academic, business centered or creative space. Effective use of the English language can propel any learner’s employability in all of these spheres.

5. I don’t view teaching as a mere means to an end, but rather as a vocation. I take pride in the empowerment of others, and what could be more empowering than mastering a foreign language?

I am diligent and driven and I promise to work professionally and passionately. I won’t let you down!

I look forward to being your Online Tutor soon!



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