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Jolene Johnson

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Jolene Johnson is an Online Tutor at AAA Tutoring – Africa

My name is Jolene Johnson and I have worked as a classroom teacher for over 2 years in Cape Town, South Africa.

I have has successfully completed my Bachelors degree in Health Science and Social Services and further went on and successfully completed my PGCE (Senior and FET phase) at the University of South Africa.

I have a wealth of experience working with young children, and have been exposed to various cultures when I au-pared in America and Holland. I have also contributed my time volunteering as a Professional Trauma Counsellor at the Community Intervention Centre, based in Milnerton Medi-Clinic Hospital in Cape Town South Africa.

Throughout my teaching career, I feel favoured to have worked in a wide range of different settings and teamwork with my colleagues, and engagement with my students. I have taken the liberty to invest in the well-being of my students with special needs and those who faced learning barriers, by attending professional trainings and successfully completing online courses.

From a very young age I have always taken part in competitive sports, and was one of the top track athletes in my primary and high school. I was a good netball player as-well and I endure to be fit and active.

In my spare time I enjoy jogging, hiking, participating in active sports and reading a good book.
I am extremely excited to be working with you.

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