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Karen Binning

Online Tutor Zoology | Technical English

Karen Binning is an Online Tutor at AAA Tutoring – Africa

Online Tutor: English and Natural Science (Primary School) and Natural Science (High School)

My name is Karen and I live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

I recently became an Online Tutor with AAA Tutoring- Africa. I have an Master of Science (MSc) in Zoology from the University of Port Elizabeth (now the Nelson Mandela University) and was involved in tutoring students for both Zoology and Technical English while doing my post graduate degrees, being a demi (demonstrator) for Zoology practicals as well as leading educational walks in the Baakens Valley, University Nature Reserve and along the beach for learners of all ages. I also obtained a TEFL Certificate from the Cape Town TEFL Institute.

I have worked for a deep sea research programme on the environmental education side and was involved in developing resources for educators, schools and learners (of all ages) as well as facilitating educator, student and learner workshops and tutorials with a focus on the marine environment. Tutoring and facilitating workshops has taught me to think on my feet, gauge the level and knowledge of the learners or students, to be flexible and always to have a plan B.

Online Tutor Zoology and Technical English

Sharing my knowledge and experience by being an Online Tutor allows me to teach around the world.

I love to share my knowledge and love for the biological sciences and the environment as well as see students grasp concepts and gain an understanding of their topic.

I am a mother to three girls – a 12 year old and 9 year old twins, and have been involved in their schooling and homework over the past few years and this has given me an understanding of what is expected of them in the classroom.

I can assist with English and Natural Science at a primary school level as well as Natural Science for High School.

I look forward to meeting you and being your Online Tutor soon.

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