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Lyndsay Henderson

Managing Director and HR

I always find it difficult to write about myself, have photographs taken, video’s, and our new way of communicating Zoom, Teams, FaceTime, and I am still struggling with my video for our web site, it will appear eventually.

I’m an adventurer, “not the norm”, avid golfer, oh and mad about dogs which was as soon as I could talk and ask for one, but mostly passionate about the future of our planet and the human race, which is why I started AAA Tutoring.

The world is changing, Covid is making us face that reality whether we want to or not? Is it a reset, a global pandemic, a conspiracy, a new world order, hopefully time will tell, but for sure the Face of Education will never be the same again. I believe if we follow our passions our lives will be fulfilled and happy.

During lock down an old colleague contacted me from Moscow, her partner, Michael Lang, runs two physical English language schools in the centre, they had made the decision to go online. In their long experience of teachers, South African teachers had been the “outliers in the teaching world” and with no restrictions on recruiting now, could I recruit for them and handle the HR side. This started another journey.

I met such amazing, qualified passionate teachers, all disillusioned with the state of education in this country and an in-depth understanding for educational change. These tutors are available to you now through our online platform. Everyone has been personally interviewed, their skill set matched with courses and this will be a continually evolving platform as we progress.

Young learners and School readiness is one of our passions as we believe the younger a child is, the more eager they are to learn, the more responsive and their brains act like sponges soaking up knowledge. Our YL programmes are designed by an extremely talented bunch of individuals and we offer our own researched and developed curricula with over 20 years of experience teaching in this field, a unique programme to give your youngster a head start in life.

So, take the plunge, scroll around, if there’s an educational requirement you don’t see, send an enquiry and we’ll match you to the perfect tutor.

Let’s work together, towards a better educational future for our children, influencing lives through learning.

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