Megan Lee de Kock

Megan Lee de Kock

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Megan Lee de Kock is an Online Tutor at AAA Tutoring – Africa

Where you can’t alone, we can together: Business English & Personal Growth.

Opportunities are not always distributed equally so for me to be fortunate enough to attend Nelson Mandela Bay University on a partial academic scholarship for 5 beautiful years left me knowing that if there was a way for me to share my knowledge and growth through my experience; I would embark on that journey one day. Today is that day. Sharing my knowledge and experience by being an Online Tutor allows me to teach around the world.

Being raised in Port Elizabeth, which I considered a smallish city, made me feel more determined that I wanted to absorb all the knowledge I could so that one day I could travel the world and understand more from a business perspective. I wanted to be a scholar but also a teacher so that I could pass on what I had learnt. NMU gave me that opportunity.

I enrolled into several business classes which helped me to not only understand business culture within South Africa, but also business culture on a global scale. Five years and one final treatise hand in later, I was qualified and ready to take on the world. Since then I have managed multiple teams not only within South Africa but abroad as well.

Online Tutor English
Online Tutor English

I have been able to take from my business studies not only the immense personal growth, but also the ability to help the companies I have worked for to better execute strategies and overall business performance.
Not only have I been able to share my business knowledge, I have also been able to build teams through the leadership skills that my degree taught me.

As an Online Tutor I am confident that I could help any adult with the intention of personal growth through business and business English as well as better assist with leadership skills, effective team management and mentoring.

I am confident that I could help any teenager with simplified business management and effective strategy execution.

I am confident that I could help any child with English competency as well as fundamental conversational skills.

I look forward to becoming your Online Tutor soon!

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