Mikayla Pietersen

Mikayla Pietersen

Online Tutor Art | History of Art

Mikayla Pietersen is an Online Tutor at AAA Tutoring – Africa

Hello my name is Mikayla, I am a 27 year old Art Director Graduate from aaa School of Advertising.

My passion in life has always been Art, the principles of Art and its origins. Throughout my school years and studies I have intensively studied the History of Art.

I have been working in the art field for a couple of years and spent almost a year working as an art dealer and therefore had to have extensive art history knowledge.

Online Tutoring History of Art
Online Tutoring History of Art

My tutoring specialty includes lessons on the History of Art and the principles of art. If you are looking to further your art history knowledge or learn the principles of art then I am the tutor for you.

I will also be offering drawing classes as per special request.

I look forward to becoming your Online Tutor soon!

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