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Jacques De Kock

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Jacques De Kock is an Online Tutor at AAA Tutoring – Africa

The opportunities I have been blessed with are truly fantastic and becoming an Online Tutor is a great way for me to share my knowledge and skills.

Having attended 1 of the most prestigious schools in South Africa for my entire school career I was endowed with knowledge, values and life experiences that I wish all could have the opportunity to have.

The best teachers in my life have had some of the greatest impact on me and I look to them as mentors and role models. Being a teacher has opened my eyes, my heart and my world to so much more than I ever expected and it is an honour to be able to teach be it in class or as an Online Tutor. Equally as important as teaching is learning and I plan on doing both until I have no breathe left.

During my time at Grey High School I did Toast Masters and found my love for public speaking. Being able to do public speaking opened many doors for me and I was given the Best Actor Award in 2007. I also completed a voice artistry course after school that many radio DJs, T.V personalities and teachers use.

Online Tutor, English, Maths, Life Skills
Online Tutor, English, Maths, Life Skills

After school I decided to become an Auctioneer and passed my diploma in auctioneering in Bloemfontein. Again doors were opened and I became an International Art Dealer for the largest art gallery in the world, Park West Gallery.

In and amongst all this I returned to getting my degree in education at Nelson Mandela University where I specialized in Mathematics and Life sciences which I can teach as an Online Tutor. I was invited into the Dean’s Golden Key society as I was applying myself as best I could. I am now confident in teaching grade 7 to grade 10 mathematics and I can teach grade 8 to grade 12 life sciences.

I then returned to my Alma-Ata and taught the above mentioned grades in the corresponding subjects. It was truly invigorating to see what goes on behind the curtain for a school to operate at such a level.

After this I decided to return to being an international art dealer on cruise ships as I missed traveling, connecting with others and teaching people about art and how it helped shape civilization.

I have recently completed my TEFL and I am very excited to be able to have the opportunity to now be teaching English as an Online Tutor to any who are willing to open more doors for themselves.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever!” – Ghandi

I look forward to becoming your Online Tutor soon.

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