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Sonja Crouse is an Online Tutor at AAA Tutoring – Africa

Hi my name is Sonja, I’m an Online Tutor.

I have expressed my enjoyment of teaching while taking international guests through Africa to see wild animals.  Some guests could speak English and others had no understanding of the English language at all, making the trip far more imaginative.  After this, as a backpackers owner, I also engaged with guests of all ages from across the world, some of whom could speak some to no English.

Knowing English increases your chances of getting a good job in a multinational company within your home country or for finding work abroad. It’s also the language of international communication, the media and the internet, so learning English is important for socializing and entertainment as well as work!

Online Tutor English
Online Tutor English

The development of language is strongly interdependent with, and supports, your child’s brain development and cognitive development. Studies have shown that having a large vocabulary increases creativity and helps people to come up with new ideas. There are also numerous benefits to learning more than one language!

As an Online Tutor I can assist you anytime, anywhere.

English is an important language for all kinds of professional and personal goals. Whether you’re just starting out in English, or you need some motivation to keep going, understanding the importance of the language will help you reach fluency and change your life.

English is the international language of media and arts and so, if you want to access as much as possible for yourself, without relying on translations, it’s the most powerful language you can learn today!

Are you feeling inspired to improve your English skills?

Why choose me as your Online Tutor? I find great enjoyment in teaching, it is a natural aspect of my character.

My Personal Characteristics are:

I am diligent, humble, good sense of humour, enjoy the company of children, a teacher at heart, dedicated, self-disciplined, enjoy challenges, logical, level-headed, confident, responsible, loyal, versatile, systematic, attention to detail, ability to learn new systems fast, work well on my own and in a team, work well with customers both in-house and external, proactive, accountability, morally sound.

I look forward to becoming your Online Tutor soon!

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