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Reece Collins is an Online Tutor at AAA Tutoring – Africa

Hello, my name Reece Collins. I am a qualified ESL tutor from South Africa.

In 2018, I obtained two TEFL certificates through I-to-I Abroad.

During my two years of teaching I have furthered my teachings by completing an Online English Cambridge short course. I am also in the process of completing another short course.

Within my two years of online tutoring I have taught hundreds, if not thousands of students who are all of various ages.  From group classes to Adult daily conversational English lessons, I am well prepared within the ESL tutoring industry. My teaching career started with a local company called, MPC. I was given the a solid foundation and a broad understanding of how the ESL world actually works. I took this experience and understanding with me to an overseas company called, IQbar. I spent over a year a half with IQbar and gained a lot of experience teaching different students all over Asia.

Online English Tutoring
Online English Tutor

I believe that health is wealth so I spend a lot of time outdoors, playing golf and football. In my spare time, I enjoy following the financial markets and reading business books.

I am looking forward to working with you and helping you achieve all your goals.

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