Home Schooling Hick Ups….?

Need assistance home schooling your child/children?

Our Tutors at AAA Tutoring | Africa are here to assist you. Our Team of Professional, Qualitied and Dedicated Tutors are passionate about education and empowering learners to achieve their best level of education. We can assist you with a Home School Online Tutor.

Parent vs. Teacher

One of the most common home schooling challenges deals with a change in the role from parent to teacher. While Mom can be playful, cuddly, and fun, Teacher Mom or Dad needs to ensure the children are paying attention and following through with their schoolwork. This is a delicate balance that many families find challenging and behaviour issues can be common. By finding your perfect Online Tutor it will allow mom, dad or Guardian to take a break a couple of times a week.

Home Schooling Hick Ups


As a home schooling parent, you will have many balls in the air at the same time. There will be days when you just can’t stand to see the dirt on the kitchen floor, you have nothing in the fridge for dinner, and the entire family is out of clean underwear. Most often, these realizations will happen when you’re in the middle of teaching a science or math lesson. Don’t let it get you down, our Online Tutors are flexible and we can schedule a session when and if you need assistance.

Why our Home School Online Tutor can be of assistance:

  1. We have a large variety of subjects/courses to choose from.
  2. Multiple ways to communicate with your Online Tutor.
  3. It doesn’t cost as much as traditional schooling.
  4. Your child/children have better opportunities to concentrate and communicate.
  5. You can customize your child/children’s learning environment.

Using the acronym SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) we strive to make an online difference to the future of Education. We can help you make a difference, check out our blog to read more about what our Tutors have to say.

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